Franz Bodner and charities
Frequently Franz Bodner  donates a piece of artwork for charity or he makes a special item for a Gala event. Here is a selection of special events

Donation Spaarne Hospital Hoofddorp

On the occasion of the opening of the oncology center in Spaarne Hospital in Hoofddorp, Franz Bodner  has donated in 2013 a triptysch  to the hospital.

“Invitation” 430 x 150 cm, oil on linen The work is  exhibit in a room where patients can recover from the treatment, while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Horse Sharing Success

2010, Franz Bodner  painted sculpture donated to the Sharing Success gala, this time it was a horse, of 250 cm high, on base.
The proceeds from the auction of this fiery beauty was, despite the ongoing crisis, € 14,000. A nice amount of money for the Liliane Fund.

Big Flying Hug, mosaic

October 2009, Franz Bodner has donated a Flying Big Hug, 1.50 meters, mosaic. Created especially for the  Sharing success Foundation.

The Flying hug was auctioned at the Sharing Success Gala at  Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk. Despite the economic crisis.The  proceeds were over € 9,000.00 .

Chair Liliane Foundation

2008, Franz Bodner lined and painted a baroque chair and donated it to Sharing Success Foundation

At the auction for the Liliane Fund has the chair the proceeds were € 25,000.00.

Nobilles Notum (Leader no name)

In the context of the 650th anniversary of the city of Hoorn, 35 artists were asked to paint A Unicorn. Franz Bodner has participated in this event and in the photo you can see the result of his input. Throughout the summer of 2007, the Unicorns were scattered throughout the beautiful city of Hoorn. On September 30, 2007, the Unicorns auctioned off and the proceeds were intended to include an orthopedic hospital in Ghana.

Memories of home

2006, Auction of the oil painting “Memories of home” 150 x 100 cm. for the Liliane Fund,
The proceeds were : € 10,000.00

In cooperation with mediators (local contacts), the Liliane Foundation provides direct, small-scale and personalized aid to children and young people with disabilities in developing countries


“In the clouds”

For Quality Of Life Gala, Franz Bodner lined an painted a baroque chair in his characterstic colors and symbols. The chair was auctioned on September 30, 2006 during a grand exclusive gala at Hotels van Oranje in Noordwijk. The chair raised € 54,000.00 . The theme in 2006 was: “In the Clouds”.


In 2006 in Wiesbaden, Germany, Franz Bodner made ​​a polyester pig auctioned for charity. The pig “lisse lotte” called, was painted in the Franz Bodner characteristic colors. This “Glücksschweine parade”

Around 25 artists participated the project. The raised money was donated to charity “Bärenherz” and destined for a hospice for children.

In Germany, the pig is the symbol of prosperity and happiness.

Bench in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam
With the painting of an original Vondelpark Bench, Bodner gave the starting signal for the virtual sale of the Amsterdam Vondelpark end of 2004. The proceeds of this sale, the Vondelpark will be renovated.

The “Bodnerbank” was auctioned at the Millionaire Fair in 2004. The new owner is Rabobank Amsterdam. It is intended that the bench is going to rotate between the Amsterdam branch of the bank.