Biography Franz Bodner

franz-met-beelden Franz Bodner, who was born in Klagenfurt, in may 1966, spent his youth in the idyllic landscape of the Austrian alps were he also studied decorative, art, metal work and design After a sideways step into healthcare profession in Vienna, in which a successful career was his for the taking,  he decided to give free rein to his creative talent for painting. With good reason too – , because soon follow numerous exhibitions in galleries troughout Austria. Vienna is the birthplace of his creative career. When Franz decides to move to the Netherlands in 1995, he apparently seems to have to make. A completely new start but after a total of 25 years of patience, ambition, professionalism and constant positive attitude Bodner has achieved many successes in the Netherlands and has become an international career reality. With his paintings, sculptures and graphics Franz Bodner  seeks to focus attention to the seemingly trivial yet valuable things of life. using his own individual language of images in stricking bright colours,  Bodner reveils his own world. However these upbeat paintings, graphics and sculptures, populated by apparently naive figures, also carry a note of social criticism. It could be regarded as a gentle reminder of wat is really important in life.